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5G Micro Power Repeater

Product Model
Under development

Product Manual
The 5G NR micro-power repeater is based on a 5G TDD LTE standard time-division signal relay amplifying device, which is planned for the China Mobile n41 band 2515-2675MHz TDD standard. Through demodulation and analysis of wireless cell signaling, it accurately detects the 5G NR FR1 frequency TDD uplink and downlink time slot switching Timing, analyzes the uplink and downlink time slot ratio of the TDD signal, and realizes the transmission of uplink and downlink services by switching the radio frequency switch. Control and switch, and realize the signal enhancement reception and amplification transmission on the uplink and downlink, thereby realizing the enhancement of the mobile phone signal, and achieving the goal of a full signal.

Product Features
Support 5G air interface signaling time slot synchronization.

Support wireless data and network management platform for data communication and monitoring.

Support uplink cell/carrier frequency shutdown: Without affecting coverage, when the cell/carrier frequency has no traffic or low traffic, the cell/carrier frequency is turned off to reduce equipment heating and power consumption. Besides, the function involves automatic detection of uplink and downlink input and output power, automatic calculation of system transceiver antenna isolation, automatic detection of self-excitation state, automatic elimination, and adaptive adjustment of gain balance.

It ensures the equipment has excellent parameter characteristics through the 5G radio frequency indicators, and other system-critical parameters like noise characteristics, uplink and downlink transmission power, coverage, uplink, and downlink balance, out-of-band suppression, system dynamic range, delay, isolation, time slot control, and switching.