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4G LTE Repeater

Product model: Wetan 1501/1301
Adopting software radio technology, we use optical cable transmission to perform radio frequency remoteness, solve the network coverage of signal blind or weak areas, and effectively improve the channel utilization of the donor base station;
It can be widely used in places such as highways, railways, tunnels, scenic spots, suburbs, exhibition centers, hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, towns and residential quarters.
High power and high linear amplification
It meets the high linearity requirements of LTE signals and simultaneously reduce the power consumption of the equipment. The coverage capability is equivalent to that of the BTS cell, which reduced the cost of the operator.
Comprehensive multifunctional support
It is designed with uplink diversity reception, automatic delay adjustment, and has realized the automatic function of traffic statistics carrier. It also supports optical bypass or tracking functions, supports E1 and Ethernet wired monitoring, and remote power supply.