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Micro Power Repeater

Micro Power Repeater (mobile phone companion) is mainly used in scenes with weak network signals and blind spots, to solve the problem of fine-grained mobile signals, deepening of mobile signals, rapid network services, with low-cost and small-scale signal coverage. The external wireless extension of mobile phone signals meets the requirements of small-scale mobile communication.
Small capacity with large coverage
It takes half an hour to solve the signal coverage needs, without construction coordination. The coverage effect is excellent, and meets the network requirements. To ensure network coverage without increasing the number of base stations, its cost is much lower than that of a microcellular system with the same effect.
Self-adjustable gain and intelligent environmental protection
It realized the sleep-type reverse shut-off technology, basically in the dormant state when there are no users in the coverage area. Automatic gain balance for uplink and downlink signals, automatic isolation detection, and automatic elimination of self-excitation.