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Trunk Amplifier

Product model: AR1210 series

It can amplify the uplink and downlink trunk link signals in both directions, improve the network speed and voice quality, and effectively expand the coverage of the base station signal room.
It is widely used in blind areas which cannot be covered by various base station signals, and has a fairly good effect on enhancing weak signals.
High sensitivity with small interference
Low-noise receiving amplifiers is designed to improve uplink sensitivity and solve the problem of uplink and downlink balance; both uplink and downlink channels adopt automatic level control technology to avoid interference from dry amplifiers to base station equipment.
Convenient operation and maintenance
Embedded operating system, coupled with simple interface commissioning software, which can quickly and easily adjust the equipment to the best working state; support local and remote download and network monitoring, reducing the workload of maintenance personnel; the equipment adopts a fully modular structure design, the mechanical structure is reasonable and the installation is convenient.