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Active Digital Cell Antenna

Active antenna system

Select the outdoor space signal and directly introduce it into the room through wireless access, use the supporting expansion unit and coverage unit to cover the signal indoors; at the same time, the mobile phone signal is received and transmitted to the base station through the indoor antenna distribution system, while effectively suppressing interference.
By accessing outdoor spatial sources, the coverage of various indoor and large areas without sources is solved, and indoor signal blind areas are completely eliminated.

Easy to construct
The power supply voltage is taken from the signal expansion unit of the digital distribution system, and is fed remotely through the RF feeder;

Digital ALC
Built-in high-speed MCU, independent ALC for upstream and downstream circuits, and software algorithm works together to achieve digital ALC contro, thus ensures the reliability and stability of system gain and power output; 

Automatic gain joint tuning
Fast calculation, automatic adjustment, and automatically maintain the balance between antenna performance, uplink and downlink amplification; 

Wide range of applications
Compatible with FDD, integrated design, adjustable signal receiving angle, suitable for installation in different scenarios and locations.