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Low-altitude Transponder

Low-altitude Transponder is composed of circuit module components including ultrashort wave and high sensitivity receiving circuit, wireless high-power VHF/UHF base station power amplifier, narrowband cavity duplex filter, ultrashort wave antenna, channel codec controller, wide voltage power conversion module. The structure of the low-altitude transponder equipment is designed in accordance with anti-fall and anti-collision, rapid heat dissipation, electromagnetic shielding, waterproof and rain-proof design. At the same time, it combines with the low-altitude transponder airborne aircraft and airborne pylons to form a quick-plug mounting bracket between the two devices, and rapid passage. The mounting structure is fast and reliable fixed on the bottom of the low-altitude transponder airborne aircraft, and the external volume is 180*135*89MM, and weighted below 1.2kg.

The emergency signal is received and transmitted through the VHF/UHF antenna, the working frequency is 130-170MHz, 330-390MHz, or 400-470MHz, the receiving sensitivity is better than 0.16μV, the transmission power is higher than 10W, and it is effective at a low altitude of 100 meters. The relay transceiver distance can be increased to more than 10 kilometers, the erection response time is only 1 minute, and the lift-off height is 100 meters, which can make the low-altitude transponder works and meets the response time requirements of emergency communications.