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Cellular Signal Booster for Buildings

The combination can be customized according to the needs of overseas customers
Product model: WNC-C23F-5B
Provide 2G, 3G, 4G and LTE data signals for most mobile operators. It can transmit reliable data to most remote and weak signal areas indoors and meet the needs of individuals and the public for strong and stable communication.

  • Low power consumption, low interference, energy saving

  • Prevent self-excited interference
    Self-elimination anti-interference technology, real-time automatic detection of isolation, and automatically reduce gain when isolation is insufficient;

  • Uplink sleep function
    Turn off the uplink output of the signal amplifier when the mobile phone's uplink signal is not detected in the coverage area;

  • Downlink shutdown function
    When the signal amplifier is severely self-excited or overloaded, it will automatically shut down the downlink output, and automatically resume when the self-excited or overload is eliminated.